Starting Your First Battle

Here's the step by step guide to start your very First Battle in WonderHero!
Here's an important information: your Heroes need to be equipped with 3 Hero Skins and 3 corresponding Weapons to be added to the Team Lineup before they can be deployed to your first battle!
If you do not have 3 Hero Skin and 3 corresponding Hero weapons in-game yet, please refer to Getting Started section on how to purchase WonderHero NFTs.
Seeing this message? And not sure how to get pass this? This article is what you need to read right now
There are many valuable knowledge in other sections, you may discover new strategies and better ways to play by reading them.

Winning Condition

The usual objective is to defeat all enemies on the battlefield by using your Hero attacks to reduce their HP to 0.

Defeat Condition(s)

You are defeated when: - All your Heroes HP has been reduced to 0. - Not able to defeat all enemies on the battlefield by the end of Turn 20.

Win Battles & Earn Rewards

Continue win more battles to earn HON / WND, NFT assets or other rewards! All battle rewards are randomized.